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Compartment Sinks

Every commercial food service establishment requires commercial sinks. Health codes across the country maintain strict rules and regulations on the amount of sinks reach restaurant has for ware washing, hand washing, and other daily cleaning tasks. The health department will judge by: size of establishment, number of employees, projected volume, and more. Different cities enforce different health codes. All sink stations will need a faucet. Faucets are designed to optimize the usability of the sink station.

Compartment sinks are vital for meeting health code requirements for proper dish cleaning and sanitization. The ware washing sinks have one to four compartments. Three-compartment sinks are the most common, used for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing dishes. Hand sinks are also a necessity as most health codes enforce a minimum amount of hand sinks that must be available for employee hand washing. The number on employees per sink varies within all participating cities.

Most sinks do not include faucets, so when purchasing a new sink be sure to get a faucet as well. You will be better off purchasing both from the same vendor. When purchasing these items online know that larger companies offer free shipping on all orders over $249.00 for everyone.

When looking for certifications on restaurant sinks the NSF certification usually plays the largest role. All sinks that are for new businesses must have an NSF approval. If you are an existing business that is replacing a sink you may be eligible to get a sink that is only UL listed. Our advice to you is, go with the NSF approved sink regardless. You may pay $50-150 more. To be NSF listed a product must go through various testing including: operational capability and durability. With an NSF approved model you know it will last.


When purchasing a restaurant sink consider if you will need casters. Casters are a good option. Casters give you the ability to easily move the sink. Casters are great to clean in the hard to reach areas under the sink. Consider if you need a backsplash. A backsplash like casters will help keep your working environment extra clean. Backsplashes vary in sizes and can be customized for any commercial restaurant kitchen.

Consider how may compartments your sink has to be. There are one, two and three compartment standing commercial sinks. If you want a drop-in sink is will not stand, nor will it have legs, It will simply drop-in. Whichever model sink you chose we recommend you go with a stainless steel model. Stainless steel sinks are generally more durable and easier to clean. Consider an environmentally friendly and/or energy efficient restaurant sink. The environment is important for our society. Be good to your environment and your environment will be good back.

When purchasing a sink consider the dimensions of the sink. Be sure to measure how much room you have available in your restaurant for a commercial sink. It is important that you know how much interior space you want per compartment. The best way to calculate how much interior space you need is by measuring your biggest item you plan to wash in the sink.

Most sinks do not include commercial faucets, so they must be purchased separately. A wide variety of faucets are needed to in order to meet the unique demands of each establishment, from commercial kitchen faucets to pre-rinse units, glass fillers, and mop sink faucets. They all serve a different purpose with the goal of making each sink station as efficient as possible.

Sink accessories are also vital in every commercial food service establishment. From commercial sink drains to pre-rinse spray valves, faucet bases and nozzles, sink accessories keep your equipment operating smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

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