Dining and Tabletop Restaurant Supply

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Dining & Tabletop Supplies for Foodservice Establishments.

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The Importance of Chafers

Chafing dishes are a great addition to any commercial or residential establishment. When looking for a new chafer, consider the shape, where it will be used and the fuel type. Chafing dishes, also known as chafers, can be used at a temporary buffet spread, or even at a permanent spread in a banquet hotel environment.

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Dining & Tabletop

Dining and tabletop supplies are essential for restaurant and food service establishments. Whether you are a large franchise, or you are a local bar, hotel, or diner the products you are looking for may be in this category. Dining and tabletop supply includes flatware, drink ware, glass ware, table top supplies, check holders, coffee servers and many more.

Dining and tabletop supplies serve many functions. They provide the necessary additons to dining out such as; menu covers, organizers, menu holders, ramekins, bread baskets and more. From our expeirence we've learned details matter. Providing the best expeirence for your guests is important. 

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