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Commercial Steam Tables


Don’t let your perfectly-cooked hot dishes get cold. A steam table keeps food at a safe serving temperature so that your customers’ food is served at the right temperature every time. 


A commercial steam table is a helpful piece of equipment for a variety of settings, from cafes to cafeterias. They’re especially useful for buffets or serving stations where food may need to rest for long periods of time.

The Benefits of Steam Tables

A steam table works by heating water, which produces steam that circulates through the table to heat food. Through this process, a restaurant steam table keeps food hot so that it remains safe to serve. This can be especially helpful if you’re serving high volumes of food or have multiple courses. 


Another benefit is that a steam table for restaurants utilizes safe power sources so that you can keep it plugged in for longer. It’s important to note that a steam table is not intended to cook unprepared food; it’s only designed to keep pre-cooked food warm.

Selecting the Right Steam Table

When shopping for a steam table, you have a lot of choices between styles and features. At Elite Restaurant Equipment, we have dozens of units to choose from. 

The first consideration when shopping is the type of heat you prefer, as steam tables are available in gas and electric models. An electric steam table can be more energy efficient and offers precision temperature control. A gas unit will need to be connected to either a natural gas hookup or a liquid propane tank, but they sometimes heat up faster than their electric counterparts.


Next, determine if you need your steam table to be mobile. Steam tables come in stationary models and mobile models with casters. Mobile steam tables are excellent for large events or areas where you need to serve food in multiple spaces. A stationary table might be a better option If you only need to serve from one location.


Finally, consider the number of compartments you will need per unit. We have a wide selection of steam table sizes from two up to nine wells available. Consider whether you’re serving large volumes of one food or if you need dividers for multiple courses.

Purchasing restaurant equipment is an exciting investment in your business, and it doesn't have to be overwhelming. The Elite Restaurant Equipment team is here to help guide you to find the right equipment for your business’s unique needs. Contact us today if you have any questions about our inventory, from commercial steam tables to stainless steel work tables and beyond.