Prep Table Refrigerators

An important safety rule is keeping refrigerated food at the right temperature. If you own a restaurant or commercial food establishment, consider a refrigerated prep table for your kitchen. This critical piece of equipment keeps food chilled so you can store and prepare it at the proper temperature. This is especially helpful in businesses that work with a lot of chilled foods, like sandwich shops or pizzerias.

Refrigerated prep tables come in many varieties with their own features and functions. A sandwich prep table has extra storage compartments, ideal for meats, toppings, and fresh vegetables. A pizza prep table with refrigerator storage keeps dough chilled and has a large work surface with plenty of room to prepare a pie. For foods that need to stay at even colder temperatures, try a cold food prep table with a freezer compartment. 

Commercial Refrigerated Prep Tables for Refrigerated Food Preparation

Refrigerated foods like meats, cheeses, and doughs must stay at a certain temperature to meet food safety requirements. With a prep refrigerator, you can keep these foods at a consistent temperature while you work. Ultimately, this saves time and money in your kitchen. No more wasted product or annoying back-and-forth trips to the fridge.

Prep tables are also a great way to maximize your kitchen space since you get two functions in one piece of equipment. The top work surface, made of high-quality metals that won’t rust or tarnish, makes a convenient prep station. The underneath refrigerator or freezer compartment offers high-volume cold storage. Some units include multiple doors and interior shelves for added organization. If you add shelving casters or other shelving accessories, the unit can easily move wherever you need it and offer more efficient storage.

Elite Restaurant Equipment has dozens of commercial refrigerated prep table options to choose from. No matter what size or configuration you’re looking for, you can find it here. Our commercial refrigerated prep tables range in size from 27” to 120”, from low-profile under-counter refrigerators to large refrigerated chef bases. We also carry prep table refrigerator accessories so you can configure your unit to your specifications.

With over 30 years in business, we’ve become a leader in the industry. We aim to support our valued customers’ goals with high-quality equipment at a fair price. Contact us today to learn more about our refrigerated prep tables or our other products. Our knowledgeable customer service team can help answer your questions and guide you to the right equipment for your needs.