Refrigerated Prep Tables

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Commercial Refrigerated Prep Tables for Refrigerated Food Preparation.

Refrigerated Prep Tables

Refrigerated prep tables are often used in sandwich shops and pizzerias. Commercial refrigerated prep tables are great for most restaurant and food service businesses. Commercial refrigerated prep tables include: Sandwich Prep Tables, Pizza Prep Tables, Undercounter Refrigerators, Chef Bases, Worktop Freezers and more. Refrigerated prep tables range in width from 27" to 120". Refrigerated prep tables varey from 1 door - 5 door capactities. Refrigerated prep tables provide easy access to ingredients.

Browse commercial sandwich and salad preparation refrigerators. All refrigerated prep tables include free shipping. View our sandwich prep tables, salad prep tables, pizza prep tables, undercounter prep tables, and more. Refrigerated prep tables make preparing menu items convenient.

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