Professional Cutlery Guide

Efficient and effective knives are an absolute necessity for all chefs. Dull knives do not present or prepare dishes properly. Dull knives can be hazardous and require more pressure to cut. Dull knives are more dangerous for you and your employees. Safety is every restaurateur’s priority. Follow the steps bellow for your business safety and efficiency.

1. When Cutting Food Products Only Use Your Own Professional Cutlery. When using knives be sure to be extra careful. Do not use professional cutlery to cut metal or any other item that is not food. Using knives to open wine, or other bottles is another no no, don't do it!

2. There a Many Different Knives, Be Sure To Use The Right One For Your Job. Profesional cutlery includes: Chef's Knives, Seafood Knives, Paring Knives, Boning Knives, Cleaver, Butcher Knives, and Utility Knives. Each specific model is designated for its own respective task. If you use the correct cutlery your finished product will be cleaner and tastier.

3. No Matter What You're Cutting Always Use a Cutting Board. Never cut on metal, ceramic or glass surfaces. Use a cutting board to cut efficiently and effectively while keeping your cutlery in the best condition.

4. Professional Cutlery is Not Dishwasher Safe. The movement is the dishwasher dissembles the handle of professional cutlery. When cleanaing professional cutlery, clean with care. Simply rinse in warm water and soap. After drying of the cutlery you'll be all set. Be sure to wash and dry immediately after use to avoid rusting.

5. Rubbing Wooden Handles with Mineral Oil will prevent bacteria from getting in. In conclusion your commercial cutlery will last longer.

Knife Sharpening In a Nut Shell

A chef always wants to keep his or her knives in perfect condition. Most chef's hone their knives daily or bi-daily. Commercial knives become dull when the edges of the blade become less sharp and fold over on themselves. When you see the blade folding over you should hone your blade using sharpening steel.

Eventually the blade will wear down and honing will not be enough. When that occurs use a sharpening stone or an electric sharpener to create a new edge. Once you have done this several times, it may be a good idea to purchase a new knife.

Which Brand To Buy

F. Dick is a German cutlery manufacturer founded 1778 in Esslingen, Germany. They pride themselves in being #1 for commercial cutlery. Most culinary universities use F. Dick cutlery when teaching their students in class. F.Dick cutllery has a good warranty and design.