Exhaust hoods are the heart of any restaurant, ventilating hot air and smoke out of the kitchen. Built to handle the busiest kitchens, our commercial exhaust hoods, vents, and grease pans included with our exhaust hoods, will improve the safety and performance of your ventilation system. All of our exhaust and range hoods are constructed with stainless steel and come in different styles including: make-up air, vent-less air, and low-profile hoods. Read our commercial exhaust hoods guide to learn more.

Stainless steel exhaust hoods keep your foodservice establishment safe. Exhaust hoods ventilate air generated from cooking at high temperatures. Cooking equipment for commercial kitchens including ranges, range hoods, fryers, and more.

Let us help you find the right commercial exhaust hood for your kitchen

Before buying an exhaust hood, you should check with local and state laws to make sure what you are buying meets the health code of your district. You should also have an idea of which exhaust hood will work best with your kitchen. A good start is understanding the different types of exhaust hoods.

Make-up Air exhaust hoods double ventilate fumes by using one fan to blow the vapors into the hood, and another fan to ventilate fumes into the duct out of your kitchen. Make-up Air balances the airflow leaving the kitchen with equal amounts of air flow coming in. Make-up air exhaust hoods can reduce unwanted odors entering a dining room, remove more grease buildup than traditional exhaust hoods, and improve air quality in the kitchen. Because makeup air is replacing air leaving through the hood, less air flow will come in from unwanted areas, like from the dining room area, which can lead to an imbalance in the temperature of the restaurant and cause discomfort for guests.

Vent-less Air exhaust hoods use charcoal filters to trap grease, odors, smoke, and other small molecules. The filtered air is then blown back into the kitchen. Vent-less air exhaust systems tend to be easier to install and move around, if necessary. Vent-less, or Ductless, air hoods are great for kitchens that do not have installed ducts that can ventilate out fumes.

Low Profile exhaust hoods are good for low height kitchens and perfect for food trucks. Low profile exhaust hoods most space conscious hoods that remove smoke and fumes from a kitchen or cooking space and have the option for make-up air or being exhaust only.

Regardless of which commercial exhaust hood you purchase, when you buy cooking equipment from Elite Restaurant Equipment, you are getting equipment from a brand you can trust. Every commercial

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