Merchandising Equipment

Choose a merchandising refrigerator for all your convenience and grocery store needs! Our large variety of glass door merchandising refrigeration equipment easily shows off your store’s most popular products like bottles of water, juice, soda, and prepackaged items like sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Stock frozen foods like frozen pizza, ice cream, and microwave dinners inside one of our glass door freezers, or utilize a combination refrigerator and freezer for a variety of chilled products. Watch your to-go items fly off the shelves in a merchandising refrigerator. Our air curtain merchandisers and glass sided merchandisers are perfect for increasing impulse sales, since your products will be viewed from almost all angles! Keep a handy countertop refrigerator or freezer next your register station to take advantage of last minute sales. Our convenience store merchandisers and merchandising refrigerators feature multiple compartments, superior interior lighting, and self-closing doors and stay-open doors for added appeal.

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