Ice Machines

Commercial Ice Equipment & Supplies

Ice machines: Classic cubes to specialized nugget ice, there is a commercial ice machine for any operation. When shopping for a commercial ice maker, take the time to consider the different types of machines that would best suit your corporation. Restaurants, bars, hotels and even medical clinics and hospitals all have different requirements and needs. Think about factors like ice type, ice yield,storage and filtration. First and foremost, commercial kitchen operators need to determine what type of ice they want to make for either themselves or there customers. Cube, flake and nugget are the three major types from which to choose. Flake ice is used primarily in food displays, like at the seafood counter or salad bar of a grocery store. Cube ice machines come in full cube and half cube models. Also known as “full-dice” and “half-dice”, cubes can be used in pretty much anything, but it is the preferred style for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Nugget ice is also known as chewable ice, pellet ice, pearl ice or “Sonic” ice. Its soft and chewable texture makes it a customer favorite in carbonated drinks and it provides an easy to blend base for frozen cocktails and smoothies.

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