Ice Machines, Bins and Dispensers

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Commercial ice machines, bins, and dispensers for drink service or food transportation.

Ice Machines

Browse commercial ice equipment and supplies often necessary in food service establishments. Ice machines, bins, and dispensers make drink service or food transportation run smoothly. Choose from air cooled or water coolerd models.

When selecting the right ice machine, commercial kitchen operators should first determine what type of ice they want to make for their customers. Cube, flake and nugget are the three major types of ice from which to choose.

Flake ice: Used primarily in food displays, like at the seafood counter or salad bar of a grocery store.

Cube ice: Known as full-dice and half-dice, cubes can be used in pretty much anything, but it is the preferred style for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Nugget ice: Known as chewable ice, pellet ice, pearl ice or Sonic ice. Its soft and chewable texture makes it a customer favorite in carbonated drinks and it provides an easy to blend base for frozen cocktails and smoothies.

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