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Why We Chose Winco

About Winco

Established in 1992, Winco Industries Co. known as WINCO is a manufacturer and worldwide importer of kitchenware and tableware. From cookware to flatware, we are dedicated to providing professional chefs and restaurateurs with quality products and superb services. Their philosophy is - "We only win when our customers win"

With their state-of-the-art distribution center based in Lodi, New Jersey, they are setting new standards in customers' order fill rates and most orders are shipped within 24 hours. Each order is prepared with care and we are proud of fulfilling customers' need on a timely basis. They are committed to assist customers not only through comprehensive quality products, but also through the competitive edge in cost. In addition, Their customer service has been rated as the most responsive and helpful. As a result, they have enjoyed the growing nationwide client coverage and providing services worldwide through direct import programs.

Their staff is professionally trained to help your merchandise needs, including new product design and prototype development. Over the past decade, their attention to client's specific needs and their effort to go the extra mile has earned us an outstanding reputation among their peers.


Winco MFG is a major part of the overall food service business. They supply us with all the everyday used products like: pizza peels, guest check holders, ramekins, cutting boards, flatware, and more.

Winco MFG makes running a food service establishment as easy as possible. With over 2,000 respective SKU numbers in their catalog chances are they'll have what your looking for.

Winco MFG does not just have 2,000 products that are not of quality. Their team takes quality testing to extreme measures to make sure they will work in any restaurant or kitchen environment.

Winco MFG provides the restauranteur with experience in the food service business. Winco did not start with such a vast selection. They allowed the everyday restauranteur to guide them in product development. They take the experience from everyday restauranteurs and apply it to their manufacturing plan. Once the product is developed it goes through various testing. Different products go through different tests. Generally all products will go through durbaility tests as well as, heat withholding tests. A large portion of Winco products have a UL and/or NSF approval.


When shopping for flatware, buffet ware, chafers, cookware, steam table pans, bake ware, bar supplies, janitorial supplies, furniture, table top supplies, or any other product for your food service business look out for Winco MFG products. We have been in the restaurant business for over 30 years and we have yet to be disapointed.

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