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Soft Drinks and Smoothies

Soft Drinks and Smoothies can be one way for traditional restaurant owners to increase revenue when having a kitchen, residual clientele, and great product. Adding new categories to you operational strategy can be a low cost, yet beneficial change.

Benefits of Serving Soft Drinks and Smoothies

Increase of Exposure - Soft Drinks and Smoothies are a great way to bring new customers to your business. A cold daiquiri can be perfect on a hot summer day. Serving nutritional drinks with protein, energy and other supplements is becoming increasingly popular. If you do not already serve these types of drinks, you will build a new exposure. People who have already visited your food service establishment now can have the chance to try a new product.

Increase Revenue and Profits - Soft Drinks and Smoothies range in price from $1.50-$6.50 depending on the venue and ingredient type. A soft drink generaly cost an already running restaurant $0.10-$0.30 (depending on volume and ingredient type). Adding this item to your menu will not only bring in new revenue it will be profitable revenue with huge margins.

Improved Image - Soft Drinks and Smoothies are an fun and nutritious item to have on any menu. Margaritas can always add fun to a menu, and protein shakes will always give the reader a healthy feel. Keep in mind your already loyal customers will build a larger respect for your business, as it will be clear you are trying to upgrade your selection.

Choosing a Commercial Blender

Before purchasing a commercial blender think thoroughly what products you will be using it to make. Always read between the lines. When purchasing a unit consider investing $350-600 (Depending on your expected volume). Other very important things to consider are:

  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Ease of Use
  • Brand Name
  • Construction Type
  • Design


On sight commercial blending is a simple task for any employer. The task generally involves putting the ingredients in the container and pressing the on switch. Allow the blender to blend for 10-40 seconds (depending on the ingredients in the container). Once the soft drink or smoothie looks ready turn the machine off, and sample the texture to check if the drink needs more blending.

Invest In The Right Model For Your Business

If you are already a running operation, it is important that you do not waste time and order the right piece of equipment on the first try. Do your due-diligance and make sure the blender you purchase will be right for your business.

Drinks to be Served - Consider the type of drink you will be serving when purchasing a commercial blender. It is important to know what ingredients you will be using. For the harder textured ingredients you will need a more durable and sturdy blender.

Warranty- Having a warranty on any piece of commercial equipment is a must for all types of equipment. Warranty ensures you that your investment will be good for as long as the warranty lasts. For commercial blenders warranty is generally 3-7 years depending on the manaufacturer. Vitamix is a great brand for blenders and warranties their blenders up to 7 years.

Conclusion - Purchasing a commercial blender is a great tool to add revenue to an already existing food service establishment. With a blender you can expose your guests to new products like soft drinks and smoothies. Increasing the products on your menu will give your guests an enhanced image of your business. If this venture goes as planned your business will yield huge profits. When purchasing a blender consider spending $350-600 and be sure to check the warranty. After you invest, what ever the out come may be, you'll know you tried your best. Always continue learning and growing your business.