Finance Equipment Lease Rate Calculator

Elite Restaurant Equipment Financing is happy to provide a preliminary quote for your restaurant equipment and supply financing or equipment leasing needs. Use our restaurant equipment lease calculator to determine an estimated monthly payment on the equipment you are interested in purchasing. You may not be aware that financing / leasing offers 100% financing including sales tax and other costs such as installation or training. Our Equipment finance calculator automatically provides you with an estimated monthly payment. Your business can also realize significant benefits such as improved cash flow, tax deductions, flexibility to expand or upgrade your restaurant equipment, and protection against inflation due to fixed rate financing.


Using the Equipment Lease Rate Calculator:

1.Input estimated cost of restaurant equipment into the Restaurant Equipment Cost box.
2.Click Calculate button to generate monthly payment. Monthly payment will vary depending on finance term.
3.Input an Estimated Monthly Revenue due to new restaurant equipment purchase.
4.Click Calculate button to generate Monthly Payment, Cost Analysis, and Return on Investment (ROI). 


Calculate Your Monthly Payments

Input your estimated restaurant equipment cost. Input your estimated additional monthly revenue from your new equipment.



Estimated Payment Ranges

See estimated monthly payment range for your restaurant equipment cost.


12 Months 18 Months 24 Months 30 Months
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Cost Analysis

See estimate on what your restaurant equipment actually cost using leasing / financing and after tax costs. Since leasing / financing can be expensed directly, the tax benefits are available immediately.


Restaurant Equipment Cost
Monthly | Finance Payment
Tax Deduction
Net Cost Per Month
Operating Figures
Net Cost Per Day (22 work days/month)
Net Cost Per Hour (8 work hours/day)

Return on Investment (ROI)

Calculate return on investment when financing restaurant equipment. Financing equipment can be a hard decision, use the best calculations to help guide the best decision for your business.


Restaurant Equipment Cost
Monthly Finance Payments
Monthly Restaurant Equipment Revenues

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The financing figures above are estimates and may expire or update in 30 days. The leasing numbers above are with assumption of down payment, and business information before approval.