This article outlines the 6 most popular restaurant equipment products people are financing. See the monthly payments vs. the total cost. Hear from satisfied customers who chose to finance their equipment. There are different type of customers within the feedback. Some needed the cash flow, others wanted to expand, and others realized the return on investment and took advantage. The approval process is simple too, weather you are a new business or existing the screening is by phone and takes less than 5 minutes.

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Most popular products financed January 1 – April 1 2016.

1.GDRF81SC – 3 Glass Door Reach In Freezer
Cost: $4,592.73
Financing Payment: $374.92/Monthly

3 Glass Door Freezer Financing

2. RW4 – 2 Glass Door Reach In Refrigerator
Cost: $1,839.74
Financing Payment: $150.18/Monthly

RW4 – 2 Glass Door Reach In Refrigerator

3. WOJTEK14SC – Gelato Display Case
Cost: $8,205.78
Financing Payment: $669.86/ Monthly

WOJTEK14SC – Gelato Display Case

4. NRHD118SC – Curved Deli Display Case
Cost: $5,674.17
Financing Payment: $463.20/Monthly

NRHD118SC – Curved Deli Display Case

5. HBK48 – Bakery Display Case
Cost: $3,396.48
Financing Payment: $277.23/Monthly

HBK48 – Bakery Display Case

6. BS1512-3 – 3 Compartment Sink
Cost: $374.09
Financing Payment: $30.54/Monthly

BS1512-3 – 3 Compartment Sink


 “I financed a 3 glass door freezer from Elite Restaurant Equipment for my food market. I was opening this business up from scratch and construction costs were high, I knew I would pre-pay it but was just tight on cash flow. The no pre-payment penalty was great, I was able to close out the balance within 8 months and saved the 4 months of interest. My total interest rate was about 7%, and if you’re a small business you know that’s great. Additionally I was able to store the freezer with frozen foods, ice cream, and more making way more the minimum monthly payment of $375 or so.”

Lisa Brennan
San Diego, CA

 “I needed a small new 3 compartment sink, and I landed on Elite Restaurant Equipment. I never saw a payout option for such a low cost item, I think it’s convenient, so I did it. I paid $30 bucks a month and got my sink in a week. It’s a good deal”

Maxima Zuck
Brooklyn, NY

 “Very convenient option for business people. I was estimated my ROI with the equipment, it was higher then the monthly payments and that’s a good deal to me. This is an opportunity to have your money work for you.

Emily Saliers

Decatur, GA

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