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Social Media for Restaurants

Social media is continuously playing a larger role in our everyday lives. 10 years ago there was no Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media tool you probably use every day. Today people tend to share more information than before (even though the majority of it is meaningless). Many people have their Facebook and Twitter accounts signed in all day. When there are a couple of minutes to spare, they immediately tune in to the latest news from their friends or followers.

For a restaurant social media is proving to be a useful and profitable way to get guests coming through the door. Many local restaurants build a Facebook page and regularly update the status. It is a good idea to post pictures of some of your delicious looking dishes. I'm friends with a local pizzeria and they consistently post pies fresh out of the oven. The second I see that crispy pizza with melted cheese it gets me craving pizza. Another example is a local Japanese restaurant that I am friends with on Facebook. they are consistently posting beautiful sushi boats that they are serving to their guest. When I see these posts it makes me want to have sushi.

Creating a Facebook page is free and simple. Go to Facebook.com. On the top right corner there will be a "Sign Up" option. Input all of your information uploads a background picture; upload your logo, and presto! your Facebook account is created.

It only makes sense to post the pictures of those delicious dishes if people can see them. In order for anyone to see your posts they must "Like" your page. If you are restaurant performing deliveries it is a good idea to promote your Facebook page in delivery bags. You can have a marketing card that promoted your Facebook page and give instructions on how to like your page for $25.00. Vistaprint is generally the cheapest and fastest route. This method of obtaining "like's" on your Facebook page is the cheapest.

Another option Facebook provides to get "Like's" on your page is the pay per click option. This way you can create an add that will show up the "ads" section to the right of your page promoting your restaurant. When marketing your ad you have a flexible choice to choose you're demographic. You can chose what State, City, age group, gender, and more you'd like to market to. For example: today i clicked on an ad of a local Asian restaurant. They were promoting a discount for all orders celebrating Columbus day. I clicked on the ad, like their page, and used the coupon code to save 10% when ordering food today. The pay per click option is generally more expensive. The way you pay is per click. On average you will spend $0.50 per click or visit to your page.

If your business has the budget using pay per click to market your page is a great option. I always recommend including coupons in deliveries before doing pay per click marketing. If you do decide to go with the pay per click option, be sure to proceed with the coupon option as well. You will find a drastic reduction in acquisition of "Like's" when doing both.

Whichever method you chose, your goal is to bring new customers to your food service establishment. getting involved with social media is a great way to do just that. Be more social in all your endeavors in the kitchen. Show off the delicious entry and desserts. Give us a feel for the ambiance in your restaurant, and we will come!

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