Rice Cookers or Food Cookers?

Due to the simple name, most people assume that rice cookers are good for one thing and one thing only, that is, cooking rice. Contrary to popular belief, rice cookers are quite versatile. They have proven to be great alternatives to traditional cooking methods. Below you will find a list of several types of foods that rice cookers work surprisingly well with. Enjoy!



Rice cookers are perfect for steaming tasty vegetables. Use your rice cooker to make your delicious healthy side dish. 



Frittatas, oatmeal, and grits are a short list among many delicious breakfast foods that can be prepared with a rice cooker. Customize your breakfast or keep it traditional. In either case rice cooker's are great for preparing a yummy breakfast.



Who doesn't like steamed dumplings? Vegetables, pork, or chicken, they are all delicious. Although rice cooker's are great for steaming dumplings, most people are unaware. Use your rice cooker to make some dumplings today.



It is unfortunate that most people are unaware of how great rice cooker's can make a wrap. It is important to first steam the ingredients of your wrap. When you are finished doing so, place your tortilla inside of the rice cooker. The remaining steam will both soften and heat up tortilla. Enjoy!



As previously mentioned, rice cookers are great for steaming foods in all categories. The same goes for seafood. Use your rice cooker to steam all of the fish you desire. Furthermore, rice cookers prepare wonderful soups as well. 



Many people consider using rice cookers to prepare desserts to be uncoventional and unusual. It is for this reason that this method is not popularly used. Having said that, rice cookers contribute to preparing amazing flans and cakes. 

There you have it! You have now learned that your so-called boring rice cooker is actually a versatile and exiting kitchen tool. Remember to always stay creative and to keep trying new things. Enjoy and goodluck!



Asian, Mexican and all other restaurants that prepare rice every day will need a commercial rice cooker. These items generally take 30 minutes to cook rice and are great for business that are dealing in high volumes. If you need a reliable rice cooker for your business you will find it here. the size of the rice cookers will vary by amount of cups each unit can incapacitate. Commercial rice cookers usually have a capacity of 25 cups and up. Rice cookers use two different energy sources which are gas and electricity. Our newer clients prefer electric rice cookers as they are more energy efficient.

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