Placement to Profit Bakery

Placement to Profit Bakery

Bakery Display Cases Guide

A bakery can be a successful and rewarding business however there are many challenges to opening one. Usually a baker comes in very early in the morning to bake fresh products for the morning rush. Although freshness of products is an important aspect in running a successful bakery, how one displays their tasty treats can also be just as important.

A bakery display case is an essential part of any bakery. Appearance in this industry can be just as important as taste. A shops display case can greatly reflect the staff and the products.

The Importance of Cleanliness and Presentation

A presentable bakery display case can make a tremendous different in how you pastries appear as well as your profits. In the food service industry cleanliness is a must. Make sure that your display case is cleaned every day to rid it of any fingerprints dirt or smudges. Another thing that you must consider in cleanliness is to keep you facility free of bugs and any other pests.

Although exterminators maybe expensive, it may become necessary to obtain one to prevent such things from occurring. With sweet products flies can come very easily as well as cockroaches. Customer may become disgusted with your establishment if such things are visible.

Dry or Refrigerated

When purchasing a bakery display case there are several factors that one must consider. One of the most important decisions to make before purchasing a bakery display case is whether to purchase a dry bakery display case or a refrigerated or wet bakery display case.

A dry bakery display case is used ideally to display breads, cookies, and pastries which all do not require refrigeration. A refrigerated display case is ideally used for any product that has perishable ingredients such as milk, whipped cream, custards, and fruit items. See more refrigerated display cases like deli cases, meat cases, and more.

Straight Vs. Curved Glass

Another important factor one must consider before purchasing the ideal display case is the shape of the front glass of the unit. Bakery display cases come in both curved and straight glass types. A straight glass bakery display case is very traditional. A curved glass bakery display case offers a unique view on all the items displayed as the customers can see the freshness of each product and has a greater overall viewing space of the items showcased.

Some of the most popular brands one should consider before purchasing a bakery display case is Leader, Universal, True, and Turbo Air. These models come in a variety of colors including black, white, and silver. A marble outside on the display case can make the items within more breathtaking and can also help stimulate sales by making the overall appearance of the unit more appealing.                                                                   

High and Counter Unit Space

Another important aspect in determining the appropriate bakery display case for your business is the amount of shelves within the unit. A counter unit holds two shelves plus a bottom in order to display three rows of mouth watering treats.

A high unit contains three shelves plus a bottom in order to display four rows of products. One way to generate more profits is by diversifying products. With the addition of a third shelf within the case a retailer is given that exact chance.

Size Does Matter

Before purchasing a bakery display case it is very important to know the dimensions of the unit you are seeking. The display cases come in a variety of width including 36’’, 48’’, 53’’, 57’’, 59’’, 60’’, and 77’’. The width is an important measurement as you want the unit to fit well in your shop however, the height is the more important dimension to think of before purchasing a bakery display case.

As a customer walks into a retail establishment such as a bakery they are firs likely to see the products that match up to their eye level before browsing at other items located on the top or bottom shelves of a shop. Often retailers put those products that sell infrequently on the eye level shelves in trying to create buzz and desire of a specific item. The theory here with this is the greater the height of a unit, the greater the view of the unit is for the customer which creates higher revenues for the business.     

Display Your Cakes Like an Ace

Cakes can make an extremely high amount of profits for your business. Cakes are a specialty within the bakery genre and therefore have a unique refrigerated display case. A four view glass door refrigerator is the ideal apparatus to showcase any cake.

These refrigerators are available with both sliding and swinging doors. Units with the sliding glass doors come in three widths 48’’, 60’’, and 72’’. The swinging door units are available in four widths 30’’, 48’’, 60’’, and 72’’. The advantage of a four view refrigerated is very significant. The unique four views of case lets the customers see the cakes from every angle.

There is nowhere where the customers can go within the store and not see one of the tasty cakes. Most retailers use this case simply for display and have surplus of the cakes in the back however sometimes the need arises to withdraw a cake from the display. If the need arises simply replace that one at the earliest convenience.

Summing it All Up

The appropriate bakery display case plays an important part in showcasing the appearance and freshness of the products contained within it. The unit can help increase revenue and sales of the item if the correct size, type, and design are ordered.

The addition of a cake four view refrigerator can help maximize profits by providing a unique display for customers to see. Cleanliness and upkeep is important for any successful business but in the food service industry it is of the upmost importance. If you follow the above suggestions you have a very good chance of making money and having a successful business for many years to come.     

By: Mary Smith