Pizza Ovens Guide

Pizza Ovens: You Don’t Need to Spend a Lot of Dough When Purchasing One

By: Mikhail Smithson

Let’s Start from Scratch

Perhaps the most essential piece of equipment that pizzerias house are pizza ovens. Although pizza ovens are available in various sizes, shapes, and efficiencies, their sole purpose is the same. Pizza ovens bake fresh, and of course delicious, pizza pies. Deciding what type of pizza oven fits best in your restaurant usually depends on the amount of pies that are intended to be baked per day.

Pizza ovens can directly affect the quality of your pizza. If an oven is holding too many pizzas the crust may not be the desired amount of crispiness. The correct size pizza oven can help alleviate this issue and insure that your business becomes profitable.


Countertop Pizza Ovens

A countertop pizza oven is ideally used to warm up small items at a time. These kinds of ovens are used ideally for slices and other small food items. Some of the most popular brands of countertop ovens are Bakers Pride, Wisco, Value Series, Tomlinson, Vollrath, Lincoln, and Garland. All of the countertop units are made with single decks. Some of these units come with one compartment while others contain two.

The amount of compartments that you order should correspond with how much food you plan on warming at a particular time. Some of these units are National Sanitation Foundation certified if that’s what your business is looking for. Countertops come in a large array of sizes. Before purchasing one it is essential that you make accurate measurements. Countertop ovens range in height between 8’’-29’’. They are available in various depths as well from 15’’-42’’. Countertop ovens also come in an assortment of widths ranging from 18’’-60’’.


Convections Ovens

These professional baking convection ovens are big on production but small in space. They produce a wide selection of Bakery products with Steam Injection for crusty breads. The soft air flow turbine guarantees an even bake with no drying out of bakery products. They are great for cakes, pies, pastries, pizza, breads, and rolls. These ovens are designed to fit a specific number of 18’’x26’’ baking pans.

The capacity of these units are available in 4, 5, and 10 pan capacities. One thing to consider before purchasing the appropriate convection oven is how many pans you wish to cook at the same time. The ovens are available in a variety of different heights. The ovens height varies from 22’’-43’’. The width and depth of these ovens are usually standard. The width of the units is 33’’. The depth of the units is 42’’. Before deciding on a unit, make sure the unit is the appropriate height, measure carefully.


Conveyor Ovens

A Conveyor Oven's airflow design seals in moisture and flavor and bakes more evenly than traditional ovens. Prepare pizzas, sandwiches, pretzels, cookies and more to perfection. It is important to note here that after purchasing a conveyor oven you must purchase the appropriate stand that it is paired with. Conveyor ovens are available with several different temperature settings.

Some conveyor ovens temperatures range between 150-550 degrees. Other conveyor units range in between 250-575 degrees. Before purchasing a conveyor oven, make sure you get one to suit your desired temperature needs. Another factor in determining the right conveyor oven for you is how much power you need in the oven. The power of conveyor units varies dramatically from 40,000-120,000 British Thermal Units (BTU’s.)

The dimensions of these units vary immensely in width. These widths range in between 56’’-78’’. A conveyor oven is normally 39’’ in depth. The heights of these units are normally between 42’’ and 43’’. It is essential as always to take correct and accurate measurements.


Deck Ovens

Deck ovens are the most popular types of pizza ovens. Deck ovens are available in one, two, and three decks. Decks are defined as the area where things can be cooked in with an independent door. Some of the most popular manufactures of high quality decks ovens are Unisource, Garland, Blodgett, Bakery Aid, and Bakers Pride. Before selecting a brand of deck oven it is essential to decide whether you wish to have a gas or electric oven. The temperatures of these ovens also vary. Some overs have a temperature range between 150-500 degrees. Other ovens have a temperature range of 300-650 degrees.

Some of these deck ovens are measured in the amount of pizzas that can be cooked at one time. A standard pizza pie is roughly 16’’ in diameter. A deck ovens ability to cook many of them at once depends on how many deck are in the oven. Some deck ovens can hold anywhere from 12-18 16’’ pizzas at one time. The right amount of power is also an important aspect to consider before purchasing a deck oven.

These ovens have a large range of power from 48,000-290,000 British Thermal Units (BTU’s.) Many times the size of the unit determines how much power it has. The measurements of these units vary greatly. Please make sure to take accurate measurements several times before agreeing on the appropriate dimensions. Deck ovens are available in a variety of depths ranging from 33’’-75’’. The widths also greatly differ between 25’’-84’’. Deck ovens are available in various heights from 55’’-98’’.


Making Profits Rise

Every business can benefit immensely from purchasing the appropriate oven. In restaurants such as pizza places, the quality of your oven can greatly affect the quality of your food. It is extremely important to first determine what kind of the four types of ovens you need. After that it is important to determine the dimensions of the unit.

Once you have the measurements you must decide on the ideal temperature settings desired. After the measurements the power of the unit is limited and you will find exactly what you are looking for. If you take all these steps before you decide on the type of unit not only will the dough be rising, but so will your profits.