Outdoor Furniture: How to Maximize Earning Potential by Adding Outdoor Decor

An Opening

Outdoor furniture and décor can help increase profits and develop a special and unique buzz to any retail establishment. Some restaurants ideally must wait until the late spring early summer for outdoor seating to be an option, while others have perfect weather all year round.

Outdoor furniture is a must for any outdoor commercial dining or lounge business. Elite Restaurant Equipment provides durable, heavy-duty and weather-resistant furniture ideal for sustained outdoor usage either on the casual sports bar patio or the upscale pool-side resort. If you have extra outdoor space, utilize it to generate more revenue with outdoor seating.


Various Furniture and Décor Options

Before purchasing outdoor furniture and décor for your business or home it is essential you are aware of what you are looking for, and what is available. There are several types of outdoor furniture pieces available. Outdoor furniture options include bar stools, chairs, coffee tables, tables, table bases, table tops, ottomans, and pool and deck chairs.

These items are available in a variety of different materials as well including aluminum, wicker, plastic, steel, wood synthetic, and wood resin. Once deciding what items you are looking for the type of material is extremely important. Make sure to get the appropriate material to not only appeal to the eye, but also to withstand some possible nasty weather conditions where you are.

For example if you are in a climate where rain is a frequent issue there are several units out on the market that are waterproof. The source outdoor king sofa model unit is an example of just one of the many waterproof units available to withstand the elements.


Not For Just Restaurants

Outdoor furniture and décor are not only useful in a restaurant environment but also can be a tremendous asset to any hotel, bar, or backyard. Very often consumers in a hotel go on vacation to enjoy the beautiful weather. Hospitality furniture such as sofas, pool and deck chairs, and coffee tables can help the ambiance of your outside seating immensely. If your furniture and décor are pleasant and stunning your guests will tell their friends how much they like the ambiance and overall experience.

These items are also very practical in the home. Items such as ottomans and tables are commercial grade quality for a consumer grade price which makes it easy to afford on any budget. Financing such furniture can also be an option which can help brighten up a backyard or deck, and keep your guests smiling in comfort. Bars and clubs can also utilize such furniture.

Beer gardens can benefit from comfortable yet elegant seating. Many clubs offer day parties in which bottle service is an expensive option. Tables such as the Source outdoor king ice/coffee table can be an excellent way to keep bottles ice cold while being in the hot weather. Your VIP’s will also appreciate the elegant design and appearance.


Bar Stools

An outdoor bar stool can be an essential part to any outdoor retail setting. Before purchasing an outdoor bar stool, you must decide several things. The first thing that should be considered is what kind of material do I need my stools to be made from. Aluminum and bamboo are both available.

A key factor in deciding what is the best stool for you is also if the stool needs a back support. Customers tend to be more comfortable on apparatuses that help support the back. The more comfortable that you make the customer feel the more incline they are to spend more money. A cushion can also help boost the customer’s comfort thus boosting your sales. Finally does the bar stools need to contain arms. Some stools contain arms and others do not.

Arms can help by maintaining a high comfort level however some retailers prefer to have their customers utilize the counter to rest their arms on the counter. Make sure you know before you shop. Bar stools also come in an array of sizes. They vary in width from 14’’-25’’. In depth they vary between 14’’-28’’. Height is the final measurement that is essential before determining the appropriate bar stool. Height is extremely important as you want your customers to be eye level with each other, as well as premium spirits. Bar science dictates that the first spirit a customer sees eye level, the more inclined they will be to order that particular brand.



Chairs are a necessity in any retail environment outside are as well as outside the home. The comfort of your guests when they are sitting down can directly affect the sales. The more comfortable your patrons are the longer they will stay usually spending more money.

These chairs come in many styles. Some of the top manufactures who produce outdoor chairs are G and A and Source. Chairs come in several sizes. They vary in width from 18’’-55’’. In depth they vary between 17’’-26’’. The height varies from 22’’-45’’. One must determine beside the size, the material that they wish the chair to be made from.

These outdoor chairs are traditionally made with aluminum however some are aluminum mixed with other materials such as wicker and a powder aluminum style. Similar to bar stools chairs are available with several amenities. Some chairs have arms. Many of these chairs are cushioned. All of these chairs come with back support to help your customer feel more comfortable.


Coffee Tables

An outdoor coffee table can be the perfect apparatus to serve your guest beverages on. In addition to that there are even several models that allow the retailer to put beverages and ice right smack in the middle of the table. Coffee tables come on both square and round shapes.

They are composed of polished aluminum, and polyethylene. Polyethylene is a water proof wicker material that can withstand all the elements. These tables come in a variety of sizes. The height of these tables range between 13’’-19’’. These tables are also available in a variety of widths. The widths of coffee tables start at 24’’ and can be as large as 63’’. The depths of these tables also vary. They are available between 24’’-48’’.



Tables are the one of the biggest pieces in creating a profitable outdoor seating area. As a retailer ideally your table will be both elegant and durable. Tables are available in both square and round shapes. These tables are available also as end table and there is also a variety of picnic tables available. How clean your table is and how it presents itself can make a significant impact on the amount of revenue your business generates.

Before purchasing a table it is essential to make sure you have the correct dimensions. Outdoor tables are available in a range of different sizes. The height varies between 14’’-40’’. The widths of these units are between 18’’-84’’. The depth of these tables usually ranges between 18’’-74’’. There is such a large selection of tables on the market retailers such as Elite Restaurant Equipment can provide the perfect table for any restaurant or hospitality venue.


Table Bases

Outdoor table bases will prove to be a lucrative investment for any business that has outdoor lunching, dining, or bar areas. An outdoor eating area is not complete without a lunch area to have a seat and grab food and a drink. Table bases are available in both square and round shapes. Bases are also available in a variety of different finishes.

Some of the finishes available are powder coat aluminum with a bamboo finish, powder coat aluminum with a cast aluminum finish, and powder coat aluminum with a cast iron finish. Table bases come in a variety of sizes. They are available in heights that vary between 28’’-42’’. The units come in a variety of widths between 18’’-26’’. The depths of these units that are offered are between 17’’-36’’.


Table Tops

Once a table base is purchased the perfect table top is the next step in building your ideal outdoor area. Table tops are available in both square and round shapes. Before purchasing a table top it is essential to know of what material you desire to be the top to be made from. Table tops are available in three different materials. Wood resin, powder coated aluminum, and powder coated cast aluminum Dura wood which is a type of synthetic wood.

These table tops are also available in a variety of different colors and styles so before you pick one it’s important to know what you are looking for. All table tops come with a 1’’ height. These table tops vary in width ranging between 24’’-36’’. The depth of these tops varies as well between 24’’-48’’. One of the most important factors in size that you must consider before selecting the ideal table top is the desired diameter. These outdoor tops are available between 24’’-42’’ in diameter.



Although ottomans are generally used for their comfort, their many uses may surprise the average customer. Oftentimes padded heavily, ottomans wide range of uses includes foot rests, coffee tables, and everything in between. Ottomans compliment seats extremely well and can be utilized in place of longue chairs. Ottoman cushions can be removed easily to be cleaned. It might prove very useful to remove to seat cushions at the end of each night.

By removing these cushions it can help maintain cleanliness of the ottoman. Ottomans are available in a variety of colors so make sure you have your color scheme picked out prior to purchase. Ottomans are also available in a variety of different sizes. First they can be purchased as king or large ottomans. The height of ottomans are available between 11’’-18’’. The width of these ottomans range between 25’’-56’’. The depths of these ottomans vary between 24’’-35’’.


Pool and Deck Chairs

If you are a commercial food service corporation, hotel business, or if you are shopping for your residence pool and deck chairs are a great addition. Commercial pool and deck chairs add the elegance to your business or residence. A day at the pool will not be the same without a comfortable deck chair. Elite Restaurant Equipment is proud to have commercial, comfortable, heavy duty, pool and deck chairs in stock.

Within this genre of pool and deck chairs there are several different types. Pool and deck chairs are available in armless, benches, swivel chairs, longue chairs, corner chairs, love seats, round benches, sofas, and day beds. Make sure you know exactly what chairs you are looking for before purchase. Pool and deck chairs are available in a variety of sizes. The height of these chairs range between 13’’-66’’. The widths of these chairs fluctuate between 17’’-94’’. The depths of these units are between 17’’-94’’.


Putting it All Together

Outdoor furniture units are perfect for both a commercial business as well as the home. Outdoor furniture provides a unique way to not only attract customers but to generate new revenue for your business. Before purchasing outdoor furniture it is extremely important to know exactly the dimensions of the apparatuses desired.

Comfort is also an important factor in determining the appropriate outdoor furniture units as the more comfortable you guests feel the longer they will want to stay causing them to spend more money. Besides comfort make sure you keep your outside area clean as well as your furniture. If you follow these instructions the amount of money your business can make outdoors is astronomical.