Coffee Facts:

#1: Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world after water.

#2: 500 Billion cups of  coffee are drunk each year.

#3: Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world.

#4: Espresso is not a specific bean, it is just the way coffee is prepared.

#5: Coffee was discovered by the result of "dancing goats"

#6: Coffee was declared illegal 3 different times, in 3 different cultures

#7: The average coffee consumer drinks 2-3 cups per day.


Coffee Tip #1-Make sure your coffee pot is clean- A clean coffee pot is essential and will make a world of difference in how your coffee ultimately tastes. An unclean coffee pot has residual coffee oils that remain from the previous batches of coffee. There are also other coffee chemicals and materials such as pieces of coffee grounds which can decompose and cause some bad flavors. It's not likely such small amounts will make you sick, but there's a good chance your coffee will taste "a little off".

Be careful about using a whole lot of soap unless you're sure to remove any remaining residue, following a good wash and rinse with some baking soda and water to neutralize any remaining acids and coffee oil.

Coffee Tip #2 Clean Filtered Water- Remember that coffee is really 99% water, so you want o make sure that 99% is the best that you can make it. While using tap water isn't a bad thing, the numerous chemicals added to tap water by your local water company can dramatically change the taste of your coffee. Using bottled water is great since it's free of chlorine, however if that seems a little on the extravagant side for you then getting one of those filters that attach to your kitchen faucet works well. Since you'll likely use it mainly for making your coffee, the filter will last much longer than normal.

Another recommendation to ensure a clean, fresh, pure coffee taste is to use either a stainless steel or gold mesh filter instead of the usual paper filters. Paper filters are OK, however there are some that can release dyes, chlorine and bleach and any of these will effect coffee taste. If you prefer using paper coffee filters then it's best to use the brown (unbleached) paper coffee filters since they are a more natural product.

Coffee Tip #3 Use Fresh Quality Coffee- Quality coffee costs more but will consistently produce much better tasting coffee. Coffee beans are the best choice over pre ground coffee. Coffee begins to degrade shortly after it's roasted, this is regardless if the coffee is packaged immediately. Surface area is a large part of the degradation, so ground coffee degrades considerably faster than whole-bean coffee because of the considerably larger surface area of all those individual pieces of coffee beans. You might think it's an inconvenience using coffee beans compared to using ground coffee, but once you taste the delicious difference you'll never go back to ground coffee again! If you still want to use ground coffee, make sure you use a good, drip grind coffee.

Use 2 level tablespoons of quality coffee for each six ounces of water. This can be adjusted for individual taste preference depending on whether you like your coffee weak, average or bug out your eyes strong. Make sure and spread the grounds evenly in the coffee filter so that full brewing is achieved

Drink your fresh coffee right away for the best flavor. Coffee will break down quickly if left on a heat source and coffee should never be reheated or micro waved since both of these break down the coffee flavor. If you want to keep your coffee hot without effecting the flavor very much, it's best to use either an air pot or a stainless steel thermos. Both of these methods will keep your coffee hot for about an hour or so.

If you follow these 3 simple coffee preparation tips, you're sure to make a perfect cup of coffee for yourself, your friends of your family each and every time. Source



If you are a restauranteur, you are constantly looking for new ways to bring in revenue. Coffee is a given for any food service business. Coffee will give your business returning customers. Make sure to have durable "to go" coffee cups. Coffee drinkers these days are mostly on the go. It is important for the cups to be durable enough to eliminate spilling. Consider putting a sleeve on your coffee cups which will allow your guests to hold the cup without getting burned. Serving different variations of coffee is great idea. different variations include: capuccino, espresso, iced coffee's and more. When shopping for coffee machines and supplies consider the warranty and price, includes a 5 year warranty on most coffee items and has a "Best Price Program" which pretty much guarantees the best price on all products.