Los Angeles Restaurant Equipment

Shopping for restaurant equipment in Los Angeles was never so fast and simple. Elite Restaurant Equipment offers same shipping to all cities in California for items in stock.

Popular Products in Los Angeles

MS1224  UBDC60  SB54SC  SG3060  PS54  UBDC48  UHBDC36  CBK77-D  UPPT72  LS38  BDC10  BS-C3T2118


Los Angeles Restaurant Supplies

The Los Angeles restaurant equipment supply market is amongst the largest and most competitive in the United States. According to an article published on Quora 2/8/2016 there are roughly 9,000 restaurants in Los Angeles alone. Los Angeles is home to some of the best restaurants, hotels, and schools in the country.

Shop our large selection of refrigeration, small wares, heavy and light duty equipment at competitive prices with the fastest deliveries.


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