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We have one goal in mind: provide food service professionals with all the products they need under one roof at affordable prices. Since then we have succeeded in creating an innovative, easy to use website that meets the needs for food service professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

Food service experts, programmers, developers, content writers, technical support staff, and warehouse employees work together to make certain that we provide the best service and industry knowledge on the web.


Customer Reviews

Customer Rating

We chose Elite Restaurant Equipment to finance our our restaurant. This is our third franchise so we knew exactly what we needed. We filled out the short form and representative from Elite Restaurant Equipment's finance department contacted us. We had to disclose sensitive information to be succesfuly in getting financed. Our business opened 5 years ago so we had some track record. We chose a 24 month program and got a goo interest rate.

Posted 01- 06, 2014 (Michael Volstein)


Customer Rating

We purchased this flat glass bakery display case from Elite about 2 weeks ago. The item arrived on time without any damages. We are pleased with the service provided by Elite Restaurant Equipment and would most certainly do business with them again.

 Posted 01-16-2014 (Larry Mcdunder)


Customer Rating

This 57'' high dry baker display case is exactly what my shop needed. The height if this case was perfect for my shop. The frame is all stainless steel and is of the finest quality. Elite Restaurant Equipment was professional with its customer service as well as its delivery. I was very pleased with my experience with them they will be getting my business again.

Posted 02-01-2014 (Sarah Amanda)


Customer Rating

We purchased this glass sliding door merchandiser and we couldn't be happier with it. its easy to use, all we had to do is plug it in and we were all set. This item was a great investment and brought sales up.

Posted 02-02-2014 (Lyle Ruth)


Customer Rating

I designed my entire kitchen with Universal units because I like the price, quality, and functionality. I recommend this line to all my buddies who own restaurants.

Posted 02-14-2014 (Matt Dougman)


Customer Rating

This Universal Commercial blender is mostly used for smoothies and it has no trouble powering through ice, carrots, frozen fruit, fresh apples, etc. I love the Universal brand (we also have some of their other refrigeration units) because their products are simple and easy to use (no frills) and they work well. For instance, most blenders would have a billion settings like "puree", "crush", etc. and have 5 different speeds. This blender has 2 settings: "hi" & "lo", and "on" &"off" and that's enough to do the job wonderfully.

Posted 03-24-2014 (Lucy Roberts)


Customer Rating

This is a good product I will recommend to my friends if they needed to buy. I know shipping a cutting board is easy, but it was packed  very well. The cutting board was rapped and completely brand new.

Posted 04-04-2014 (Keith Mancuso)


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