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Charlottesville Restaurant Supplies & Equipment 

Charlottesville is home to some of the world’s most beloved restaurants. From decades-old city staples to up-and-coming establishments, the Charlottesville restaurant scene is alive and well. Each restaurant has a unique cuisine and style, but there’s one thing they have in common: they’re all made possible by high-quality Charlottesville restaurant supplies.

Behind every good Charlottesville restaurant is gear from a restaurant supply store in Charlottesville. Getting the right supplies now will set you and your business up for success for years to come. Shop restaurant equipment in Charlottesville from a local supplier, like Elite Restaurant Equipment, to take advantage of great prices and shipping deals.

To find the best restaurant supplies in Charlottesville, visit Elite Restaurant Equipment. We’ve been supplying the restaurants of Charlottesville for over 30 years. We know the market inside and out, so we can help you find exactly what you need. Our team of experts is here to support you and make sure you leave with the right products for your kitchen’s needs.





Popular Kitchen Supplies and Equipment in Charlottesville


A restaurant is only as good as its equipment. You need supplies that are reliable and durable, designed to meet the demands of a busy kitchen. However, choosing the right restaurant equipment in Charlottesville is easy with a supplier like Elite Restaurant Equipment.

If you run a Charlottesville-style deli, you’ll need a refrigerated deli case to keep your meats, cheeses, and other goods on display and ready to serve. Operating a bakery? You’ll need a high-volume bakery display case to show off your merchandise. Perhaps you own a Charlottesville pizza parlor. A commercial pizza prep table is the perfect piece of equipment to support your operation. 

No matter what kind of restaurant you own, you can benefit from additional storage to make the most of your space. Stainless steel kitchen shelves are a helpful addition to any kitchen, as are open front air curtain merchandisers.

Other popular items from our restaurant supply in Charlottesville include large commercial sinks, sliding glass door reach-in refrigerators, and low lead wall mount swing spout faucets.

Elite Restaurant Equipment carries all the most popular kitchen supplies in Charlottesville. All of our supplies are made with top-quality materials that meet food-safe standards. We take care to stock only the best brands and products we love. Best of all, we’re known for our fair prices—because our customers deserve the best when shopping for restaurant supplies in Charlottesville. Contact us today to learn more.