The History of True Refrigeration

Since 1945, True Manufacturing has produced reliable commercial refrigeration. True Manufacturing was formed by Robert Trulaske Sr. to meet expanding demand for his beverage distributorship's refrigeration units in St. Louis, Missouri. The company has grown to become a global leader in commercial refrigeration.

True Manufacturing offers high-quality, energy-efficient fridges and freezers. For commercial kitchens, the portfolio includes reach-in and undercounter refrigerators, prep tables, display cases, merchandisers, and more. Self-closing doors, electronic temperature management, and high-density insulation are some of True's reach-in refrigerators' groundbreaking features. They're famous worldwide.

Little kitchen undercounter refrigerators are made by True Manufacturing. By fitting beneath countertops or worktables, these refrigerators enhance space and efficiency.

True Manufacturing offers prep tables and workstations to speed food preparation and assembly in addition to refrigerators and freezers. These industrial kitchen units contain a fridge, storage, and cutting boards.

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Commercial refrigeration equipment from True Manufacturing is innovative and high-quality. Energy efficiency and innovation make the company a pioneer serving commercial customers.

Due to its knowledge and creativity, True Manufacturing is a leading commercial refrigeration producer. Commercial refrigerators and freezers are the company's specialization. Reach-in, undercounter, prep, and display cabinets are True Manufacturing's commercial kitchen products. Energy efficiency and innovation make the company a trusted choice for long-lasting refrigeration equipment. True Manufacturing's goods are known to be sturdy. Commercial kitchen goods are made with high-quality materials and innovative production methods.

What's True Manufacturing's Reputation?

Commercial refrigeration maker True Manufacturing is reliable and innovative. The company has specialized in commercial refrigeration equipment for decades. Due of its excellence, True Manufacturing is trusted worldwide.

What Are The Types of True Refrigerators?

True Manufacturing offers reach-in, undercounter, prep, display, and merchandiser refrigerators and freezers. Products are available in various sizes and combinations to meet commercial kitchen needs.

True Manufacturing's customers are...

Restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, convenience stores, hotels, and more are True Manufacturing's commercial clients. Each customer's needs are met by the company's products.

Are True brand's items energy-efficient?

Absolutely, True Manufacturing makes energy-efficient refrigeration equipment that saves customers money and reduces environmental impact. Company refrigerators and freezers maximize energy economy and performance.

Where can I get True Manufacturing goods?

Globally approved dealers and distributors sell True Manufacturing products. Shop now at Elite Restaurant Equipment.

In summary, True Manufacturing is a reputable and innovative commercial refrigeration firm that offers a wide range of high-quality and energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers to various commercial customers. Excellence, innovation, and energy efficiency make the organization a trusted choice for long-lasting refrigeration equipment.