Specialty Refrigeration Categories

Are you in the market for a , but need it to do more than just keep your products cool? Our large selection of specialty refrigeration equipment is perfect for chilling products that need something other than a standard refrigerator, such as school milk cartons, medications, and healthcare items. Our specialty refrigerators even come with secure hardware specifically designed for use in correctional facilities where safety is of the utmost concern. Whatever your need, you can be sure we have the unique fridge type to cool everything that your school, hospital, or penitentiary needs. With hundreds of products to choose from, these specialty refrigerators will keep your items stored exactly how you need. Use a school milk cooler to neatly organize cartons and bottles of milk in elementary school cafeterias, assisted living facilities, or universities. Does your business utilize a large amount of fresh-caught seafood? Try a fish and poultry fridge to keep fresh fillets cold. We also have in stock a large selection of specialty refrigeration units that are designed for high-risk areas like hospitals and correctional facilities. Our correctional refrigerators and freezers are designed with special locks, screws, and bolts to keep all members of your staff safe, as well as helping to prevent food items from being tampered with. Pharmacy refrigerators and freezers are other unique products we carry that are used in hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics where medications and medical supplies must be kept at constant temperatures.

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