Belshaw Adamatic Group

By Larry Bond

Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group is a world-class donut and bakery equipment manufacturer. These masters of the industry are headquartered in a 120,000 sq.ft. production facility in Auburn, WA, 20 miles south of Seattle. According to their website, since the merger of Belshaw and Adamatic in 2007, all Adamatic manufacturing, previously in Eatontown, New Jersey, has continued at this location.

From here, the Group supplies world-class donut and bakery equipment to an international customer base, using both state-of-the art machine tools and quality craftsmanship. However, their humble beginnings did not include Adamatic, which was founded about 40 years after Belshaw. Belshaw's website is very informative and offers the following information on both Belshaw and Adamatic:


Founded in 1923, designs and manufactures donut production equipment for thousands of retail and wholesale operators, including restaurants, concessions, chains, supermarkets, cafes, bakery cafes, military bases and ships at sea, central manufacturing locations, donut packaging plants and more.


Founded in 1962, designs and manufactures divider rounders and complete roll lines for wholesale bakeries in the USA, Canada and overseas. Adamatic also partners with world-renowned Glimek Baking Systems to provide full-size bread lines.

One of their more popular items is the Donut Robot Mark II. This masterpiece is able to produce approximately 37 dozen standard size donuts per hour. However, this machine does not put quantity before quality. The Mark II makes consistent, well rounded cake donuts. However, this machine does not put quantity before quality. The Mark II makes consistent, well rounded cake donuts. If your establishment is the type that enjoys offering a variety of products to your customers, the Mark II is perfect for you, as it is able to manufacture approximately 109 dozen mini donuts per hour. Standard North America models are certified to UL, NSF and CSA.

Elite Restaurant Equipment is one of Belshaw Adamatic’s online retailers. Customers are easily able to locate Belshaw’s items on their website, The Mark II, as well as many other Belshaw products, are offered at unbelievable prices at this company's website. Perhaps the most enticing benefactor of ordering with Elite is their free shipping policy. All orders over $249 are shipped for free to the continental U.S. and Canada.