Bar Stools Guide

By: Mike Tenenbaum

Seating is an essential element of every successful restaurant or bar. Whether its friends gathered for drinks after work for happy hour or a family going out to watch the big game, bar stools are an extremely important aspect of both comfort and class.

How comfortable your customers feel correlates immensely with how much they spend. The more comfortable your customers feel the more they are likely to stay longer and order more drinks and food. How your stools look is also an essential aspect to think of when purchasing stools. If your stools are dirty and torn customers may feel disgusted and as a result may leave shortly or just walk out.

When shopping for bar stools there are several things that retailers should look for. The first thing that the retailer must decide is what type of stool they would like to purchase. Elite Restaurant Equipment offers several types of stools. These materials include aluminum, fully upholstered, metal, rattan and wood. One most also decide if the stools they desire should have arms.

Arms or no Arms?

Arms on a stool can make the customers feel more at home thus increasing their comfort factor. Another factor in determining what kind of bar stool is ideal for your business is if the stools have cushions. A customer is more inclined to stay longer if they do not have lower back pain or feel the need to squirm to get comfortable. Always remember a comfortable customer is a happy customer.

Stool Height Matters

The height of a stool is also extremely important to help maximize sales. You can generate more revenue for your business my making sure the height of the stool is eye level with premium cocktails and spirits. A business does also not want the stools to be places too high as it can cause the patrons to see undesirable things such as the bartender's feet and the floor.

On the Elite Restaurant Equipment website the heights of the stools vary from 30’’- 50’’. Finally the appearances of the stools are an essential aspect. The stools should be clean and appealing to the eyes. If they stools appear tacky those customers who walk in to check your business out maybe incline to go somewhere else.

Finally, keep in mind that all of their orders over $249 qualify for free shipping to the continental United States and Canada. If there are any questions that you might have, contact them at 888-886-7279 where one of their knowledgeable representatives would be more than happy to assist you.