About Tumblers


Is your restaurant serving drinks at high volumes? Are you tired of the cycle of breaking glasses and ordering new ones? Why not invest in tumblers?

What are Tumblers?


Well your first question is probably, "what is a tumbler?" Tumblers are plastic, usually polycarbonate, drinking cups that are shatterproof. They are available in many different sizes and colors. They are even customizable.


Why should your business utilize Tumblers?

The convenience of tumblers goes way beyond them being shatterproof. Plastic tumblers are also designed to stack, so that you can manage your storage space efficiently. Tumblers are also dishwasher safe. Most tumblers are even BPA free. Before purchasing a tumbler, be sure that it is in fact BPA free as a safety precaution.



BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s.


Smart Shopping

When shopping for tumblers, make sure to shop smart. Buying in bulk can ultimately save you time and money. Before ordering, think about how many tumblers your restaurant needs in order to keep every customer happy. Factor in the amount of time it takes to properly wash and dry your tumblers before re-using them. After you have figured the right amount of tumblers your restaurant needs, give Elite Restaurant Equipment a call and place your bulk order.



Experienced restaurateurs are well aware that in business, finances need to be managed properly. Breaking glasses, re-ordering them, and breaking them again can slowly but surely take a toll on one's business. Tumblers have proven to be convenient and reliable. They are certainly a great alternative to traditional drinking glasses. Furthermore, considering the fact that tumblers can be used for decades before needing to be replaced, they are quite inexpensive as well!