Commercial Work Tables

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Organize your kitchen with commercial stainless steel work tables.

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Commercial Work Tables

Commercial work tables are a fundamental part of any kitchen. Wood butcher block table for cutting cheese, meats, or cold cuts, or a durable stainless steel work table with undershelves for a variety of kitchen work and more daily tasks.

The work table is one of the most used pieces of equipment in the kitchen. Commercial stainless steel work tables need to be incredibly durable because they are the stations where food is prepared and equipment is kept.

How big of a table do you need? Standard work tables have a height of 36 inches, a depth of anywhere from 14 to 36 inches, and a width between 24 to 120 inches.

What type of commercial work table do you need? If you are looking to cut meats or vegetables, then a butcher block table made of a solid wood, like maple, would be ideal. If you need a work table for heavy use, then a table made of stainless steel is the right choice. If you need a work table to hold restaurant tools, equipment stands are a good option as they are made to hold such things as char broilers, mixers, griddles, and coffee makers.

Do you need an undershelf? Undershelves, as the name suggests, are shelves under the work table that can hold kitchen equipment, helping keep the kitchen more organized and clean.

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Choose from a wide variety of commercial work tables with stainless steel work table options. Find the best work table for your kitchen needs at Elite Restaurant Equipment.

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