Commercial Sinks

Keep your business or restaurant clean and sanitary with a top-quality commercial sink. Every commercial establishment requires restaurant sinks to wash various restaurant equipment and hands.

Commercial sinks come in many different styles and forms and Elite Restaurant Equipment provides a large variety of restaurant sinks to meet any business need. Whether it is a 3 compartment hand sink, or a wall hung restaurant sinks, we are your source. As always, If you cannot find what you are looking for contact us and a specialist will gladly assist you. Custom size commercial sinks are available.

Commercial Sinks

Commercial Sinks- Every commercial food service establishment requires commercial restaurant sinks. Health codes across the country maintain stric rules and regulation on the amount of commercial sinks each restaurant has for ware washing, hand washing, and other daily cleaning tasks. The health department will judge by: size of establishment, number of employees, projected volume, and more to determine commercial restaurant sink requirements. Different cities enforce different health codes for commercial restaurant sink requirements. All commercial sink stations will need a faucet. Faucets are designed to optimize the usability of the sink station. 

How To Not Sink When Purchasing One- Commercial sinks can be a very crucial item for any food service establishment. Commericla sinks, restaurant sinks, bar sinks, mop sinks, one compartment sinks, two compartment sinks, three compartment sinks, drop in sinks, wall hung sinks, utility sinks, you name it this article outlines it. Learn about all different models and types of commercial sinks. Learn what restaurant sinks will best suite your business. Learn how to purchase a restaurant sink at the best price and quaility. Learn which commercial restaurant sink will be best for your usability, space, and working environment.

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