Commercial salad and sandwich prep tables feature food pans to store essential ingredients at comfortable reach. Included beneath the prep area is under-counter refrigerated storage. Casters help move sandwich preps for cleaning.

Sandwich and Salad Prep Table Buying Guide

Sandwich prep tables come with an 8” cutting board prep area. These prep stations are used to refrigerate and access cold cuts, vegetables, salads, sandwiches, and more. The refrigerated air design makes reaching and prepping ingredients easy.

Sandwich and Salad Prep Table Questions and Answers

question: What size sandwich prep table do I need?

answer: Take accurate measurements before purchasing a sandwich prep refrigerator. Consider interior and refrigerated storage space as well.

question: Do I need casters or legs for my sandwich prep table?

answer: Casters, also known as wheels allow sandwich prep tables to be moved easily. Casters make cleaning easier. Locks on the wheels ensure the unit will not move out of place when in use.

question: Do I need a sneeze guard for my sandwich prep table?

answer: Sneeze guards are used in cafeteria lines, sandwich shops, and counter-service style restaurants. The sneeze guard allows your guests to see the refrigerated food options you offer. 

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