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Reach-in freezers keep a variety of different foods frozen, fresh, and accessible. Solid doors are mostly used in commercial kitchens because stainless steel is durable and performs well under heavy-duty use. Solid door stainless steel looks great too.

The wide selection of solid door freezers at Elite Restaurant Equipment reflect a variety of sizes, number of doors and top manufacturer brands. Custom designs and sizing on solid door reach-in freezers are available upon request. Additionally, view our commercial reach in refrigerators here.

Buyer’s Guide to Solid Door Freezers

Every commercial food service establishment needs a reach-in freezer. Solid door freezers are typically favored over glass door freezers because of the beautiful style and durability of stainless steel. Reach-in, solid door freezers are used for storing and selling frozen goods and come in a large array of sizes and styles including left-hinged doors or right hinged doors, and one-door, two-door, three-door and four-door models.

When shopping for a solid door freezer, be sure to know the capacity that will best suit your establishment. Also consider the compressor location when purchasing a commercial solid door reach-in freezer. The compressor location can be either bottom mounted or top mounted. Typically bottom-mounted compressors are standard, although solid door reach-in freezers with top mounted compressors may provide better air flow.

Top Questions When Selecting a New Freezer

What size solid door reach-in freezer do I need? Sizes vary by number of doors, and solid door reach-in freezers typically come in models with one to four doors. Before purchasing a solid door freezer, take proper measurements. Length, width and height measurements are most important.

Do I need casters or legs for my solid door reach in freezer? Casters are also known as wheels. One advantage to putting your food service equipment on wheels is that the unit can easily be moved for cleaning. Locks on the casters ensure the freezer will not move out of place.

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