Welcome to Elite Restaurant Equipment's Scratch & Dent Outlet. Thanks to our loyal customers we ship over 100 items everyday. However, some orders get damaged in shipment. A large portion of restaurant equipment consists of "back of the house" items, that are never seen by your restaurant's customers. Therefore, we decided to give our customers the option of purchasing brand new, unused equipment for nearly half the price! All Scratch & Dent models are brand new and were never used in a food service establishment. All Outlet items are tested by trained professionals, and are safe to use for high volume commercial use.
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Scratch & Dent Outlet Questions

Are these items brand new? Yes, these items are brand new, and never used, sometimes damages do occur during shipment, we make sure our customers are not held responsible. Instead we've created the Scratch & Dent Outlet which allows our loyal customers to save big on items that have been damaged on delivery.

Return Policy? Our trained staff tests every item to ensure the product is working and suitable for a commercial service. Feel free to return any items within 30 days. We are not liable for return shipping costs.