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Vita-Mix Commercial Blender, Blending Station Advance 48 Oz. [36021]

Vita-Mix Commercial Blender, Blending Station Advance 48 Oz. [36021]

Product Review (submitted on November 20, 2012):
I have wanted a Vitamix blender for a few years now. However, I just couldn't see myself parting with the more than $500 to get one. Inexpensive it is not, but as much as I hate the price--which is why I gave this four stars and not five--- I have to admit that this blender works extremely well. I became acquainted with vitamix through a friend. She had one, in fact she has had it now for more than 10 years. We cook together a lot for our families and doing so gave me the oppurtunity to use her vitamix quite often. We made everything in it, shakes, salad dressings,sorbets,nut milks, marinades, soups, baby food, chocolate pots, and smoothies. Through it all it has performed well. Above and beyond any blender that I have ever used. I love that most jobs take less than 1 minute with this blender. I love to cook but I hate to waste time in the kitchen. I love gadgets that save me time in the kitchen and this gadget does. When I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy my own vitamix I searched high and low for the best price. Hands down Costco had the best price, especially given that they include the 32oz dry mixer with a tamper as well as the 64oz wet mixer with a tamper. Even at a vitamix demo I would have paid $459 and only gotten the 48oz wet mixer and a 7 yr warranty. Costco gives the 7 yr warranty in their package as well so it was a no brainer for me to buy it at Costco. I've read a lot of back and forth on whether or not to buy the Vitamix or the Blendtech. I say to each her own. I personally prefer the Vitamix because I'm a cook, and every Chef and professional kitchen that I've been in has one. I think the Blendtech is great if you want to make smoothies and shakes primarily. I hear it does a beyond excellent job with those and I assume that must be the case because they are primarily in every Starbucks, Jamba juice, and Roebuck's that I've been in. I don't care to use my Vitamix for juicing, I have a Champion juicier that does an excellent job at that. So my advice is if you are on the fence about which one to buy, jump you'll be getting a great blender no matter which one you choose.