Commercial Work Tables with Wire Undershelves

Commercial work tables with wire under shelves. Work top tables come in many different sizes, forms, and materials. At Elite Restaurant Equipment we offer a wide variety of choices so you can find the commercial work table that best suits your business or residence. Commercial restaurant work tables with wire under shelves are perfect for table top work. These work tables with wire under shelves help save space and keep the kitchen organized by having storage bellow. Stainless steel work tables with wire under shelves are great for industrial and residential use.
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Stainless Steel Work Tables: Buying Guide

When purchasing a stainless steel work table do your due-diligence. Stainless steel work tables can be used for residential or commercial use. The table makes a great island in any home kitchen or restaurant space. Commercial work tables make a great wall table; they are sturdy and durable and typically last for 10+ years. The stainless steel material is great for heavy duty chopping, table tops, and cutting boards.

Top Questions:

What Size Do I Need? Knowing the size of the work table is important for usability. Consider the space you have available and the size of the work top you need to use. Under shelves come in stainless steel, galvanized, or steel wire.

Do I Need an Under Shelf?  Work table under shelves are a great tool for extra store space. The convenient space makes it easy to grab everyday use tools.

Do I Need Casters? Casters also known as wheels are a great option for a residential or commercial kitchen. Casters come with and without locks. Locks are great to ensure stability. Casters are great to easily move your work table for duties such as cleaning the hard to reach spaces.

Do I Need a Back Splash? Back splashes on commercial work tables are a wonderful option. A back splash will prevent produce from leaving the surface of you work table.