Work top tables come in many different sizes, forms, and materials. The most popular and efficient tops for commercial work tables are stainless steel and butcher block. At Elite Restaurant Equipment we offer a wide variety of choices so you can find the work table that best suits your business or residence. The more durable and sturdy models are constructed from heavy duty stainless steel or butcher block. Butcher block table tops are great for a clean environment and excellent to use for a cutting station. Weather you are using a commercial work table for your business or residence, you will find this item to be the most used in the kitchen. We offer custom size tables as well, please contact us to learn more.

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Work Top Table and The Importance of Durability When Purchasing One- Commercial work tables are essential for any food service, restaurant, or residential kitchen. Purchasing the right work table is essential to making the right investment for your residential kitchen or commercial kitchen. Restaurants will generally have food prep tables positioned throughout various parts of the kitchen area. The tables are often used and dedicated to food prep where raw ingredients are sliced, diced and mixed before they go in the cook line. Match the heights of your prep table line for the most efficient working environment. Work tables come in many different variations such as butcher block top, stainless steel top, with under shelves, without under shelves and many more. This article will help you make the right decision for your work table needs.

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