Three Compartment Sinks

Commercial 3 Compartment Sinks for The Toughest Cleaning Tasks

Select a 3 compartment sink for your toughest washing and cleaning tasks. Every commercial foodservice business is in need of a top quality commercial sink. Each sink must be paired with a commercial faucet designed to optimize the usability of the sink station. They also can contain drainboards and they are all NSF certified.

Three compartment sinks or other size commercial sinks are important for meeting health code requirements for proper dish cleaning and sanitation. The 3 compartment sinks are the most common for washing, and sanitizing dishes so understand what type of commercial sink is best for you. 

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Three Compartment Sinks: Buying Guide

Three compartment sinks can be an important tool for a commercial kitchen, residential laundry room, or any type of industrial use. Free standing three compartment sinks come in different types and variations. 3 compartment sinks come in, 14, 16, or 18 guage stainless steel for long lasting durability. Three compartment sinks come with a back splash to avoid water from exiting the sink unit. Three compartment sinks with a side drainboard, or two drainboards can be great to use for work space beside the three bowl sink. The stainless steel series used to construct the sink can come in 304 or 304/430. Three compartment sinks come in an array of different sizes. Drainboard variations can generally be customized as well.

Top Questions:

What Size Three Compartment Sink Do I Need? Be sure to take proper measurements before ordering a three compartment sink. Consider the length, width, and height. Take into consideration what size each compartment should be.

Do I Need Drain Boards For My Three Compartment Sink? If you need a work space beside your three compartment sink consider adding a drain board to your three compartment sink.