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Under Counter Freezers. Commercial undercounter freezers are found in restaurant kitchens. They are used to keep a variety of different foods cold, and easily accessible for food service operators. Elite Restaurant Equipment offers a wide selection of commercial undercounter freezers. Commercial undercounter freezers are available in glass and solid doors. Glass doors undercounter freezers are a great way to expose your merchandise. Solid doors are great for an industrial kitchens. Models with drawers are available as well. Be sure to consider the dimensions, and the interior capacity before making your refrigerated prep table purchase. Custom designs and sizes are available upon request.

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Under Counter Freezers: Buying Guide

Commercial undercounter freezers are often recognized as the most common freezer units in a commercial kitchen. The under counter height is perfect for work top use such as: cutting, organizing, and storing. Under counter freezer units come in a large array of sizes. Generally, the larger the under counter freezer, the more doors it will have. The doors are great for refrigerated storage. As the name suggests under counter freezers will fit under your counter. Elite Restaurant Equipment has a great selection of under counter freezers. Because undercounter freezers are often needed to fit in tight spaces, be sure to determine the correct size for your business. Under counter freezers generally come in stainless steel exterior and the doors are typically swinging or sliding. Whichever model you may need you are in the right place.

Top Questions:

What Size Do I Need? Before purchasing a under counter freezer be sure to take proper measurements. Important measurements to consider are length, width, and height.

Caster or Legs? Caster also known as, wheels are a great option. Casters allow under counter freezers to be moved easily for duties such as cleaning. Locks on the wheels ensure the unit will not move out of place.