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Pizza Prep Tables. Foodservice corporations that prepare pizza can improve the efficiency and speed of of their establishment with a pizza prep table. Pizza prep tables have refrigerated rails, cabinet bases, raised ingredient rails, and pizza-wide cutting boards. The doors on pizza prep tables  are 18 1/2" wide, made to fit a standard dough box or tray. When choosing a model consider: drawers, doors, combination of the two, size, certification this will help you know which refrigerated prep table is best for you. Pizza prep tables will fit food pans to store ingredients. Casters are good for easy cleaning, and mobility. Custom designs and sizes are available upon request.

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Pizza Prep Tables: Buying Guides

Commercial pizza prep tables are the perfect tool to separate your restaurant/pizzeria from he competition. Pizza prep units come with a 20” deep work top space which typically comes in stainless steel, plastic, or marble. The marble top is a favorite, and is said to be the best for working with dough. Pizza prep tables come in a variety of different sizes and generally come refrigerated.  Pizza prep tables hold hotel sized pans which can be great for cheese, sauce, and other condiments. The construction of pizza prep tables are stainless steel and generally include an integrated door light. The compressor unit is either located on one of the sides or in the back of the table. It is important to make sure that the compressor air vents are given sufficient clearance to allow for proper air flow.

Top Questions:

What Size Do I Need? Before purchasing a pizza prep refrigerator be sure to take proper measurements. Important measurements to consider are length, width, and height.

Caster or Legs? Caster also known as, wheels are a great option. Casters allow pizza prep tables to be moved easily for duties such as cleaning. Locks on the wheels ensure the unit will not move out of place.