Chef Base Refrigerators

Chef base refrigerators are used as a refrigerated base to hold equipment in commercial foodservice corporations. Each unit has refrigerated drawers that give chefs a place to quickly access and store food ingredients. The top of the chef base acts as an equipment stand for various pieces of preparation equipment. If you’re unsure if the chef base can support your desired equipment, check the specification sheet for weight capacity information. Custom designs and sizes are available.

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Chef Base Refrigerators: Buying Guides

Chef base refrigerators are the perfect item when needing a refrigerator unit to refrigerate hotel framed pans, while using the top of the unit as an equipment stand to hold heavy weights or additional equipment for food service establishments. Each chef base refrigerator comes with refrigerated drawers that give chefs a place to access and store food ingredients in a timely fashion. Chef bases are constructed to withhold heavy weights. Chef bases generally come with 2, 4, or 6 drawers. Typically the larger the chef base the more drawers can fit. These units are great for delis, restaurants and other foodservice venues that need to maximize space in the kitchen. The refrigerated drawer compartments below the solid top create valuable storage opportunities to keep ingredients organized, fresh, and in place.

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What Size Do I Need? Before purchasing a chef base be sure to take proper measurements. Important measurements to consider are length, width, and height. Be sure to know how much refrigerated work space you need.