Stainless Steel Over Shelves

Stainless Steel Over shelves are an essential part of any commercial food service restaurant. Over shelves come in single, and double over shelf styles. Over shelves are a great space saver when being installed on a counter. Many restaurant install double over shelves on a under counter and prep table refrigeration unit. See all restaurant shelving. When purchasing over shelves stainless steel models will prove to be a better investment due to durability, sturdiness, and longevity.

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Stainless Steel Over Shelves: Buying Guide

Over Shelves are a great addition to prep tables. Whether you are using a standard work table or a refrigerated prep table an over shelf can save you a lot of space and play a big role in your kitchen. Over shelves are easy to install and go right above your prep table, giving you extra space to store every day ingredients. In addition commercial kitchens use over shelves to stick orders on.

Top 3 Questions:

What Size Do I Need? Be sure to take proper measurements before ordering an over shelf. The size of the over shelf you order should be in line with the prep table you will be using it for. For example if you have a 48” sandwich prep table, you would need a 48” over shelf.

Are There Adjustable Models? Yes! Elite Restaurant Equipment offers a wide range of over shelves both in adjustable and welded models.

Will These Over Shelves Fit Any Make / Brand? “Universal” brand over shelves will fit any make / model prep table. Whether it is refrigerated or just a simple work table the over shelf will fit right on.