Commercial Mixers

Commercial and industrial grader mixers: Mix your ingredients together with one of our counter top- or hand held-Food Mixers. Floor model mixers aren't for everyone, and if you have no need for such a large, bulky piece of equipment, why spend the money? We offer a wide selection of counter top models for your convenience, with plenty of different capacities, sizes, attachment capabilities and power ratings to tailor our equipment to your needs. Elite Restaurant Equipment offers industrial grade planetary mixers as well. View selection bellow.


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Industrial Mixers: Buying Guide

Commercial, industrial mixers are a must if you are mixing large portions of dough, or if you simply need a reliable mixer for everyday use. Industrial mixers come in different sizes and types. Smaller models are hand held, and large models stand on the floor weighing hundreds of pounds. Larger models have capacities up to 80 quarts. Elite Restaurant Equipment has a large variety of mixers for any purpose.

Top Questions:

What Size Do I Need? When purchasing an industrial mixer be sure to know the capacity of dough you will be using the mixer for. Mixers range from small hand held mixers to large industrial and planetary models.

How Are The Mixers Shipped? Hand held models are shipped through FedEx. The items are in stock and typically ship within 24 hours. Larger models are shipped via freight and typically ship within 72 hours.