Commercial Countertop Charbroilers

Countertop charbroilers typically have flare-ups and many chefs prefer their heat profile and distribution over radiant plates. Furthermore, whether you choose a charbroiler or a griddle (gas or electric) they will both serve you, in regards to quality products. With our wide variety you can choose small to large sizes to fit your counter top. Charbroilers also give you the option to use soaked wood chips for smoking. Get your commercial charbroiler now to begin serving popular dishes to your customers.
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Charbroilers: Buying Guide

If a charbroiler is in your kitchen than it is amongst the most used piece of equipment used. A charbroiler is a counter top grill that is space efficient and great for coking anything from eggs, to meat. A charbroilers power is measured by its BTU. The higher the BTU the hotter the temperature can on the charbroiler. Charbroilers typically come in electric or gas. Choose the model the works best for your kitchen.

Top 3 Questions:

What Size Do I Need? Be sure to take all proper measurements before making a purchase. Measure the length, width, and height of the space you have available.

Electric or Gas? Be sure to know what type of restaurant charbroiler you need. The installation for gas and electric models are very different. Consult with an electrician on what type would best suit your establishment.

How Many BTU’s? If you will be using the charbroiler for mostly meats, a higher BTU will be better suited for you. If you will be using it for eggs or fish a lower BTU model will get the job done.