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Steam Tables

Commercial Steam Tables

Steam tables are designed to hold hot food items for a long period of time. Elite Restaurant Equipment is happy to say they offer a large variety for steam tables at a discounted price.They feature different heated wells into which water is placed for a pan of food to float in. The steam created in concert with the hot water help maintain an even temperature on the pan as well as keep the food moist until served. Each well of a steam table is designed to fit both water and a full-size pan of food. One some models a separate, larger pan is required to hold the water as well. The only difference is what type of heating element the table has. Some elements are able to be submerged, others are not. Be sure to know if you want an electric or gas steam table.


Steam Tables: Buying Guide

Commercial steam tables are a great investment for any mart that serves hot foods to their guests. Steam tables are revenue machines. If you are a small mart or grocery steam tables will be a great revenue stream. Steam Tables come in different types and sizes, with sneeze guards and without, refrigerated or hot, be sure to get the model you need.

 Top 3 Questions:

What Size Do I Need? When purchasing a steam table be sure to take all measurements of the space available.

Do I Need a Sneeze Guard? Sneeze guards are necessary for establishments that are working in a “subway” style where your customers choose the condiments they will be served. In this case a sneeze guard provides a professional and sanitary environment. Buffet sneeze guards are great as well for buffet style steam tables. If you are using your steam table in the kitchen a sneeze guard is not necessary.  

Do I Need a Tray Rail? Tray rails are perfect for buffet style steam tables, it allows your guests to comfortably fill there plate while their tray sits on the tray rail.