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A commercial bakery dislay case is the perfect piece of equipment for your commercial food service establishment. Bakery display cases generrally have a curved or flat glass front. The curved glass display is better for your guests to see what treats you have prepared for them. When purchasing a bakery dispay case be sure to get a warranty on your item.

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Refrigerated Bakery Cases & Dry Bakery Display Cases: Buying Guides

Bakery display cases are an important tool for any bakery. Bakery display cases allow you to showcase your delicious baked goods in a professional fashion. Bakery display cases come in a variety of models such as: curved glass, flat glass, glass door upright, refrigerated, dry, double duty, and single duty. Refrigerated bakery display units are ideal for displaying cakes, pies that contain eggs or dairy and other baker’s delights that are best served cold. Whichever type you need, you will want to consider the overall size, number of shelves and service style. Dry bakery display cases are perfect for breads, muffins, cupcakes, and other baked goods. No bakery is complete without at least one display case to show off their delicious treats to tempt guests with.

Top 3 Questions:

What Size Bakery Display Case Do I Need? Before purchasing an refrigerated bakery display case or dry bakery display case be sure to take proper measurements. Important measurements to consider are length, width, and height. Measure the width of your front door to know ahead of time if you will have to schedule to remove your front glass upon delivery.

Curved Glass Bakery Display Case or Flat Glass Bakery ? Choosing between a curved glass or flat glass bakery display cases can be hard. Pick the model that best fits the ambiance in your bakery shop. Curved glass models are beautiful and fancy. Flat glass models are cute and scuttle.

Refrigerated or Dry Bakery Display Case? Refrigerated bakery display cases hold a temperature of 37°F - 40°F. Dry bakery display cases hold a temperature more dependent on room temperature. If you are a high volume bakery, consider the items you will be displaying to your guests.