Restaurant exhaust hoods are important for any commercial restaurant kitchen. The Exhaust hood acts as a vent to the smells that come from daily cooking from an oven or griddle. When purchasing a commercial restaurant hood be sure to know the type of hood you need. Different variations include: Make-Up Air, Ventless, and Short-End Hoods. Also know the size that will best suit your restaurant establishment. Exhaust hoods should be constructed from Stainless Steel for longevity and durability.

Fryers & Accessories

Belshaw Adamatic Donut Fryers- Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group is a world-class donut and bakery equipment manufacturer. These masters of the industry are headquartered in a 120,000 square ft. production facility in Auburn, WA 20 miles south of Seattle. According to their website since the merger of Belshaw and Adamatic in 2007, all Adamatic manufacturing, previously in Eatontown, New Jersey has continued at this location

Dont Go Nuts When Buying Fryers and Accessories for Donuts- The art of frying donuts, a sub merger is an essential part of making a perfect donut. A sub merger holds a fried donut below the shortening surface. After this process is finished it is time to cool the tasty treats. This is a tremendous step that separates the leaders in this industry and the other guys. How one cools their product can greatly affect the freshness and taste. Learn everything there is to know about donut fryers.