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Refrigerated Deli Cases Keep Items at Safe Serving Temperatures 

Deli display cases are ideal for displaying cheeses, cold cuts and all other delicatessen items. We offer single- or double-duty refrigerated deli display cases. Also consider the amount of shelves you want your deli display case to display. Both, single- and double-duty deli display cases will include a refrigerated storage cabinet. Single-duty refrigerated deli case models have a counter height which can be used as a work top, or as a display of other products to your customers. Double-duty refrigerated deli case models are higher which will generally be a better display of your delicatessen. Custom designs and size deli display cases are available upon request. See all refrigerated display cases.

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Deli Display Refrigerators: Buying Guides

Deli display cases are perfect to display refrigerated deli goods such as: cheese, cold cuts, pre-made food, salads, and so much more. Deli display cases come in a large variety of models such as: curved glass, flat glass, single duty, double, duty, self-contained, and remote. Double duty deli cases are great to display goods for your guests. Single duty deli display cases are great because of their counter top height. The top of the unit doubles as a counter top. Curved and Flat glass deli display cases are both visually appealing. Choose the style that best fits the ambiance of your establishment. Typically all deli cases have a refrigerated storage section on the work side of the deli case, not visible to your guests. Deli cases are the best investment for super markets, delis, and groceries.

Top 3 Questions:

What Size Do I Need? Before purchasing a deli display case be sure to take proper measurements. Important measurements to consider are length, width, and height. Be sure to know how much refrigerated work space you need.

Curved Glass or Flat Glass? Choosing between a curved glass or flat glass deli display’s can be hard. Pick the model that best fits the ambiance in your establishment. Curved glass models are beautiful and elegant. Flat glass models are charming and durable.

Double Duty or Single Duty? Single duty deli display cases are counter height. The top of the deli case can double as a counter top. Single duty display’s have two levels of display plus storage. Double duty display cases are better for displaying. Double duty display’s have 3 levels of display plus storage.