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Open air merchandisers are great for for displaying products. Rather than having doors, a customer can simply just grab the item on the go. Open air merchandisers force a stream of air, or air curtain across the opening of the unit to keep cold air inside. Horizontal and vertical open air merchandisers are available, we pride ourselves in having models available for all needs. Please consider how many shelves you want for the displaying of your products, as well as the space available for your open merchandiser cooler. Custom designs and sizes are available for most open air merchandiser models. See all refrigerated merchandisers.

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Open Air Merchandisers: Buying Guides

Open air merchandisers are essential to any food service establishment. Open air merchandiser refrigerators are great to display grab and go items. These open air merchandiser units are perfect to place close to the register because a delicious snack can be a compulsive purchase. An air curtain open air merchandiser is a great way to offer tempting grab-and-go items to your customers. Since there is no door in the way, they have a great view and easy access to pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, and bottled beverages! We offer a great selection of open air merchandisers, whether you're looking for a horizontal model or a vertical model. We even carry all the right accessories to help you make the most out of your purchase!

Top 3 Questions:

What Size Open Air Merchandiser Do I Need? Before purchasing a open air merchandiser be sure to take proper measurements. Important measurements to consider are length, width, and height.

Caster or Legs? Caster also known as, wheels are a great option. Casters allow open air merchandisers to be moved easily for duties such as cleaning. Locks on the wheels ensure the unit will not move out of place.

Horizontal or Vertical Open Air Merchandiser? Horizontal models are typically shorter and placed alongside the register. Vertical models are taller and have a larger capacity to store and display goods.