Commercial Blenders & Vita-Mixers

Commercial blenders. Especially in the summertime customers love your delicious blended drinks, which is why you need a sturdy, heavy-duty commercial bar blender you can rely on. When choosing the right restaurant blender, be sure to consider the type and size of the blender cup you need. Glass, stainless steel and plastic each have their own advantages and setbacks. Glass blender containers look clean and smart behind the bar, but since they are made of glass, they are more at risk for accidental chipping or breakage.Restaurant blenders and commercial blenders will be sure to generate more profits for your food service establishment. See all kitchen supplies.

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Blenders: Buying Guide

Blenders are a favorite when it comes to tools used in the kitchen. Blenders are great to quickly whip up smoothies, daiquiris, margaritas, and more. Blenders are used in both: residential and commercial kitchens. Commercial grade blenders are great for high volume blending. Blenders are available in different sizes. Typically a larger blender will work better for higher volume blending.

Top Questions:

What Size Do I Need? Blenders come in different sizes, be sure to check the dimensions of the blender of your choice. Consider the counter space you have available when checking the length, width, and height.  

Can I Use This In My Home? Yes, many of our happy customers prefer commercial grade blenders over residential models because of the durable and sturdy construction.