Restaurant Equipment Leasing


Are you opening a new restaurant?

Are you expanding your foodservice operations?

Do you have opportunity to grow your business, but do not have the cash flow to make the needed purchases to grow?

If you have restaurant equipment purchases with a total of over $250 you can apply for Elite Restaurant Equipment Financing. We have created low financing rates, with tax deductible payments.

Why financing restaurant equipment works with Marcel Bluvstein, president of Elite Restaurant Equipment is a restaurant equipment distributor. offers 20,000 products for industrial and foodservice purposes. In this interview we will speak with Marcel Bluvstein about equipment leasing for industrial supplies and restaurant equipment.


When did Elite Restaurant Equipment start offering financing options for their products?

We began offering financing in January 2014.


Why did you start offering financing for restaurant equipment?

Most businesses when expanding (especially food service businesses) need cash flow to grow. I realized there was a problem and I wanted to help. You use our equipment finance calculator to see the extra revenue you can make with the purchase.


Why should someone lease through Elite Restaurant Equipment?

We aren’t the only company that offers leasing options on equipment, although we are the only company that does it in house, so we offer the best terms.


What is the cost of financing or leasing restaurant equipment?

The cost varies on the terms. In example if you chose a 12 month term the factor rate will be approximately 1.24%, if you chose a 24 month term the rate will be 1.48%. The rate also varies depending on the down payment made on the equipment. Generally our customers put down 20-30%.


How do I apply for financing?

There are three ways:

1. Fill out our Finance Application

2. Call us: 888-886-7279

3. Click the link on a product page, see image bellow.

Finance Equipment Image



You can read more about restaurant equipment financing and leasing at Elite Restaurant Equipment / Financing Restaurant Equipment.


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