Commercial Fryers and Donut Fryers

Commercial fryers and donut fryers are often the most important piece of equipment in a bakery or donut shop. Commercial donut fryers help produce the majority of the revenue for donut shop businesses. When purchasing a donut fryer be sure to know what capacity if best for your establishment. Commercial donut fryers come in: Electric fryers, Gas fryers, Countertop fryers, and more.

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Donut Fryers: Buying Guide

If you are a donut shop, the donut fryer is the foundation of your business. A donut fryer can be the best investment for any bakery business. Donut fryers come in different models such as: counter-top, floor, gas, and electric. Accessories your fryer with the best mounting, plunger, and arm best suited for your establishment.

Top 3 Questions:

What Comes With The Donut Fryer? Donut fryers typically come with a filter. Accessories such as depositors, hoppers, plungers, screens, and submergers are sold separately.   

What Type of Mounting Do I Need? When purchasing mounting for a donut fryer there are generally two types: wall, and column mounting. Just like it sounds wall mounting attaches to the wall, and column mounting goes directly on the fryer.

Can All Donut Fryers Make Mini Donuts? No. If you are only making mini donuts there are models available that do just that. If you are making both, we offer extensions to standard donut fryers which allow you to do so.