Benchmark USA 92002 - Ultra-Bright "Hot Dogs" Sign

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     Easy to Use

√     A Brand You Can Trust

√     "Ultra Bright" Construction

     Highly Attractive & Enticing to Customers

√     Perfect for Your Local Movie Theater

√     Meant for Indoor Use Only

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Benchmark USA 92002 - Ultra-Bright "Hot Dogs" Sign

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  • Benchmark USA 92002 - Ultra-Bright "Hot Dogs" Sign
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Benchmark USA 92002 - Ultra-Bright "Hot Dogs" Sign

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  • Benchmark USA 92002 - Ultra-Bright "Hot Dogs" Sign

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Quick Overview

Elite Restaurant Equipment is happy to offer a great selection of concession equipment manufactured by Benchmark USA. Signs are among our vast collection. Benchmark USA 92002 - Ultra-Bright "Hot Dogs" Sign. Proper concession merchandising begins with a simple message. With the proper signage, this message can reach an endless amount of potential customers, enticing them to visit your operation to fill their bellies or satisfy their sweet tooth. Thanks to Benchmark USA’s 13” x 20” Ultra-Bright “Hot Dogs” Sign (92002), your customers can clearly find the best shop to stop in to grab a hot dog before watching a movie or singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame during the seventh-inning stretch. Elite Restaurant Equipment ensures that Benchmark USA 92002 - Sign is appealing and very durable.

Product Description

Manufacturer:                 Benchmark USA                
Model:                 92002                
Ship Weight:                 3 lbs.                
Dimension (H x W x D):                 13" x 20" x 1.25"                
Food Advertised:                 Hot Dogs                
Language Type:                 English                
Light Motion:                 Static                
Light Type:                 LED                
Spatial Orientation:                 Variable                
Usable Outdoors:                 No                









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